Why You Need a Family Dentist

family dentist

Family is the most important thing there is. The people closest to you are the ones who matter most, and that love will last a lifetime. So when you have a family of your own, it’s important to keep them healthy and happy and part of that includes having a family dentist to provide the oral health care that you and yours will need.

But what is a family dentist? Is that the same thing as a general dentist? What does a family dentist offer and how should you go about choosing one? These are important questions, so let’s dig in and learn why you need a family dentist.

Family Dentist vs General Dentist
Family dentistry and general dentistry are related but distinct. General dentistry is just that, a dentist or dentist office that specializes in the general practice of dentistry. They have wide training in many aspects of the dental arts, and may offer a variety of services which generally include some or most of the following:

It’s a fairly wide scope of services, covering most things that you’ll need to keep your smile healthy and bright. Most dentists are general dentists, and with good reason–it lets them provide a wide array of needed services to their patients.

Family dentists are a little different. While they are also versatile, providing many if not most of the same services that general dentists do, family dentists specialize in oral health care and oral health education for people of all ages. This is important when your family starts to grow–you’ll have a dentist who can help you and your little ones navigate the changing oral health needs that come as kids grow up. A good family dentist can stick with you from infancy through adulthood. Your family dentist provides the following:

  • Oral health care and advice on oral health care for infants: how to safely clean their teeth and gums, how to handle teething, what to do in case a problem arises.
  • As your child grows up–and they grow up fast–your family dentist can help you keep their permanent teeth healthy, teach them how to brush and floss, and provide the exams and cleanings that get their smile off to the right start.
  • The teenage years are another critical time in developing oral health, and your family dentist can help not only with your young adult’s exams and cleanings but with ongoing health education about brushing, flossing, and the oral health implications of tobacco and alcohol use.
  • And of course, the adults in the family have their own oral health needs and your family dentist can take care of them. Exams, cleanings, whitening treatments, dental prosthetics, and more are all available from most family dentists.

A family dentist is an oral health professional that can be there throughout your lifetime. At Dockside Dental we pride ourselves on forming long-term partnerships with our patients in order to enhance the whole family’s dental health. Whatever your needs or the size of your family, we want to give you the service and attention you deserve. So whether it’s for you or one of your children, get in touch today and make an appointment.